Psychic Response To the Creepy Clown Sightings

Celebrity psychic Lisa Caza discusses the more spiritual/metaphysical reason for the creepy clown sightings that are sweeping all across North America.

creepy clown sightings

Everything has more divine intent/reason behind it – including our own actions, words and thoughts. And yes, it includes the creepy clown sightings that have been occurring in Canada and the US.

Taking a look at the meaning of seeing evil/bad clowns in dreams, Lisa Caza came to realize Divine’s ultimate global message that’s trying to be sent out to the world through these creepy clown sightings.

Take the concept of being stalked: Implies refusal to deal with issues in one’s life. Issues won’t disappear if a person continues to try and elude them. They must face them.

And then the concept of being chased: Indicates trying to steer clear of a circumstance that the person feels cannot be overcome.

Therefore, the energy within the divine global message in these creepy clown sightings indicates repressed insecurity, inhibitions, feelings of inferiority, helplessness and powerlessness.

Taking a look at what’s going on in the world: terrorism, presidential election, laws being made/passed, unethical raising of electricity bills in Ontario, Canada, and so on – these are examples of areas that people feel powerless and helpless. There are countless other examples.

Bottom line is Divine is trying to remind people – globally – that we all still live in a physical world or reality. Therefore we need to take physical action for ourselves. We do have power. We do have a voice. We just have to remember that … and use it to make more positive change in our lives!

These creepy clowns are doing this because they know they can get away with it. They know that not many folks will retaliate.


Psychic Response to Kim Kardashian Robbed

Celebrity Psychic Lisa Caza Responds to the Interest Regarding Kim Kardashian Robbed

Kim Kardashian robbed psychic response by Lisa Caza

I have received countless emails requesting that I, Lisa Caza, give some insights into the situation of Kim Kardashian having been robbed recently in Paris.

In response, I have uploaded a video onto Youtube detailing my insights regarding WHY was Ms. Kardashian was robbed, was the situation of the Kim Kardashian robbery actually a hoax, and if perhaps her security guard had anything to do with the robbery itself. Was there a more divine reason or intent behind her having being robbed?

I have tried to answer what I could, and have included the actual Youtube video below.