Do Cursed Astrological Charts Exist?

Article written by fellow OLIT Virtue Constance Stellas. Shared with her permission. Thanks Constance this is awesome!

Many people have told me before their astrology reading that they have a cursed chart. This comment makes my blood boil! I ask, “Do you mean that your star patterns are arranged in such a way that there is no hope in this lifetime for you to have any joy, love, success, or happiness?” And sometimes a person miserably nods, “Yes that’s it. My astrologer said my chart was cursed.” INFURIATING. First because this situation is NEVER true and secondly because this person had been exposed to a psychic attack.

In the first situation, after reading and studying more than 10,000 charts, I have never seen a totally doomed, hopeless chart. There are difficult charts and we know that some people have very difficult lives. And there are times in a person’s life that their chart reflects planetary stress; during these times a person may feel punished and it is a time of severe testing. All this is true but the planetary stress eventually abates and the life situation can improve.


Gurus from India where astrology is woven into the culture have said that they have purposely reincarnated with extremely challenging charts to illustrate how fortitude and spiritual strength can manage and even triumph under oppressive transits. Not many of us are on the path of spiritual evolution that a guru pursues but the wisdom is important for all of us: your chart always holds the key to better times and experiences.

The second situation in which a person is told that their chart is cursed is more serious. This is a psychic attack. A psychic attack occurs when someone gains entry to your unconscious with or without your permission and you, in a suggestible state, hear something that diminishes your own power. These suggestions can range from “someone has put a curse on you and I can remove it for the fee of (usually, a lot of money).” Or, “in your past life you practiced black magic and now are cursed to live out your punishment.” Or more specifically, “you will marry but the man or woman will die.”

Terrible, terrible manipulation and totally worthless as far as advising a client or interpreting any occult art. And as I mentioned, many times there is a price tag attached to these predictions because only the all-knowing seer can undo the curse. Losing money is not the real problem. The spiritual openness that a person has when he or she is distraught and vulnerable and hears a devastating prediction can lead to a bondage relationship where the person seeks out more and more people to confirm the horror. In this vulnerable state words stick in the subconscious and can become a self-fulling prophesy.

In primitive societies people wore amulets to ward off the evil eye. Today in some countries people wear a blue eye charm to protect themselves; a cross, or star is also a symbol meant to protect the person from unwanted vibrations that sap their strength, courage and joy. To definitely shrug off a psychic attack a person needs self-knowledge and energetic self-love. This will challenge the head space of “they know” and “I don’t.”

Lastly, it is impossible for anyone to put a curse on you if you are truly loved or truly love someone.

I know this because a gypsy told me so.

Constance Stellas is a published author and astrologer, and appears regularly on our radio show Outer Limits of Inner Truth. Get your own chart done by Constance by visiting her at her website:


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Divorce

Psychic Lisa Caza Reads Into Dynamics Between Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: What is truly causing their divorce according to Spirit?

Everyone’s talking about it: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are divorcing. And everyone is shocked and upset by it. What could have possibly happened between America’s #1 dream couple?

Well, I don’t normally get “involved” in most celebrity crises or situations, but this one struck me simply because of the fact that they had been together for over 12 years … just two years less than what I had spent with my own ex-husband.

The reason I mention my ex-husband is because the moment I tuned into the two of them to get a more psychic perspective from Spirit, well the energy between Brad and Angelina felt somewhat similar to me. So of course in feeling THAT, well I definitely had to dig in deeper didn’t I? That’s right. I did. I wanted to know what TRULY was going on and what the REAL cause of the divorce is. What I am picking up on … well it actually doesn’t surprise me.
The first message I heard was this: “People change and grow apart.” Yup. That’s kinda what happened to me in my past … but the thing is the true nature of that message is much deeper. So now to get down to the nitty gritty:

Brad has ultimately become someone that Angelina doesn’t know anymore. And I don’t mean to sound too cliché but this is a very real phenomenon: Brad has hit that infamous “male-o-pause” stage: mid-life “crisis” if you will. When men hit that age, indeed they do become somewhat strangers to their partners. They take on different attitudes, ways of thinking, and behaviors – many of which can definitely be to an extreme (which is what happened in my past as well as what I believe is going on with Brad). Some men will go for that fancy dream car that they always wanted, some will start drinking and doing drugs (if already users of alcohol/drugs then they usually take things up a few notches – drink/use more … and some men even start doing entirely new drugs – as in my ex as he started doing cocaine!), some will have an affair or two (or three or four LOL), and they may have anger problems due to fluctuating hormonal levels and frustration – which I will explain next, and so on.

The frustration comes in because basically, what these men (including Brad) are trying to accomplish is that of recapturing their early years – those years between 19 and 24 when they were “in their prime.” Then once the frustration sets in, well oftentimes they will express the frustration in anger fits – that are yes most often directed towards their wives and children.

Now, the partners of these men can only take so much. And in honesty they just run out of ideas or options in trying to help their men and to understand them better. This is where Angelina has reached her limit. She has had enough and doesn’t know what more to do. So this definitely isn’t for a lack of trying. I see that Angelina tried very hard for the last two years. Furthermore, even though I feel that Angelina ultimately doesn’t TRULY wish for a divorce, she just feels that she has no other option available to her.

So in a nutshell folks that is what I am being told by Spirit in regards to the real truth of what’s happened between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Will Brad “better himself”? Yes, he will … given another four to five years. Will we see a rekindling of the relationship between him and Angelina Jolie? Unfortunately, I am feeling that at this point Angelina has been pushed way beyond – she has some resentment within her – not to mention also hurt, disappointment, and her trust levels have diminished. All of that I just don’t think will ever truly disappear or heal. As a result, while I do feel that they will become friends once again given a wee bit of time, I just do not see the two of them reuniting as a couple.

In the meantime, I send both of them healing energy and prayers for strength to get through the divorce process in as peaceful of a process as possible. In addition, I send prayers to Angelina for healing her hurt heart, and prayers to Brad to help him see his inner processes and help him heal himself more quickly – for once he passes through this “phase” in his life he will feel somewhat guilty and regretful – so he will need to forgive himself as time goes on and let go of his own pain.