Christmas Gift Ideas With Metaphysical Purposes

Christmas Gift Ideas That Have a Metaphysical/Spiritual Purpose Behind Them

On the Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio show, I had an interview with Ryan to reveal some great toys that could have a spiritual and/or metaphysical energy and/or purpose behind them and would make excellent Christmas gifts. I figured this was a super idea – and decided to not only list the toys that I came up with, but also other gift ideas that I personally felt psychically-drawn to. If I find a link where you can purchase these items, then I will include them as well.

And before I get into my personalized list of spiritual gifts/toys, I am going to say right now that if anyone even thinks of mentioning “Ouija board” I’m going to energetically slap them silly LOL!!!!

Toys & Games

  • Vibrantly-colored jigsaw puzzles
  • Coloring books and painting sets (check out the coloring books for adults too. I even want to get a few for myself)
  • “Guess Who” board game. Found on
  • “Hedbandz” game. Found on
  • “Battleship” board game. Found on
  • Kaleidoscopes
  • “Weebles”
  • Pokemon characters (very much intended for Star children)
  • “Spirograph Art Sets” Found on


  • Hematite Singing Power Stones Found on and
  • Handcrafted Dreamcatchers (stay away from cheap mass-produced items. The best dreamcatchers are those made with care & with “real” supplies – i.e. real deerhide, feathers, sinew and gemstones)
  • Zen Garden Found on
  • Singing Bowls

Video Games (Whaaat? Yes You Read Correctly)

  • “Journey” for PS3 & PS4 (downloadable)