Divine Signs: Guiding and Affirming Messages From Spirit

Divine Signs: Guiding and Affirming Messages From Spirit

By Lisa Caza

In my article, “Life Path Sequential Order,” I briefly outlined my own life experiences; in particular as it pertained to my love life – having to go through separation/divorce from an abusive marriage, having to move so far away with my 3 children, and subsequently meeting my intended life partner and soulmate. All of those experiences were divinely meant to occur – for specific reasons that to this day are still being revealed to me as I continue along my life path.

Now, throughout many of the transitions/changes that I had to endure, such as moving and meeting a new potential love partner – I tell you I was very lost … and scared! Prior to my first marriage – I had never lived on my own. I went from my mother’s house to my then husband’s literally overnight (and at a very young age). Yet there I was: having to face a MAJOR life change by leaving the abusive marriage and thus becoming a single mother of three small children.

Going through major life changes like that – it is quite unnerving. But if you ask for guidance and affirming divine signs – you will get them. But you need to pay close attention in order to see them. I know this to be true because I received MANY divine signs throughout that 4 year transition period (yes … in total it was four years from start to “finish”).

Realize that divine signs can come in almost any form and through anything. For example, hearing specific songs, number correspondences (i.e. dates of significance/importance to you), names of people and places, animals … seriously I can go on and on the list is never-ending. Divine signs can be seen anywhere, anytime and within anything. The main key point to remember is that signs will always hold some sort of special significance to the particular person that they are meant for. It may not mean a darn thing to their friends, family, etc. But to the individual, the signs will speak volumes and will have great significance. When they see those divine signs a great feeling of love, warmth, certainty and confirmation washes over them – with a great sense of peace and deep knowing. When you feel those emotions – you will know that you’ve received a divine sign.

Using my 4-year transition period of major life changes, I wish to illustrate to you exactly what I mean about those divine signs … how they will come to you quite unexpectedly and by almost endless possible means.

Let’s begin with the time I was searching for a new home upon first separating from my ex-husband:

I knew that where I was living at the time … I would never be able to survive; the cost of living was extremely expensive. I just wouldn’t have been able to do it on the limited income that I had. I wouldn’t have even been able to afford any rent let alone a mortgage; yet I wanted to remain a homeowner. I definitely didn’t wish to go backwards in progress! And definitely subsidized housing was out of the question for me. So what to do? I always would get the message from Spirit throughout the years: “The further north you go the better it is – it is cheaper, more peaceful, nurturing and beautiful.” I was then guided to the online real estate listing and started looking for properties way north of where I was. And I had known at the time just how much money I would be receiving from the sale of our marital home, so I already had the budget figured out and knew what to look for in terms of pricing. But I had asked Divine to guide me – to show me signs that I was in fact traveling in the right direction …

Within 2 days I had found a home I was interested in; priced at $19,900 and was being sold on a foreclosure. I just felt that this was my house – that it was intended for me. It had been sitting empty for FOUR YEARS (I just noticed another divine sign just now that I wasn’t aware of! Four years it was empty, yet my transition period took about 4 years!!).

Now, what drew me to the house wasn’t just the price or it’s outside appearance. It was, of all things, the dimensions of each room and entire square footage … and the address. The numbers in the dimensions spoke volumes to me and somehow managed to correlate with very important dates to me. I cannot remember now the numbers and all the dates, but some of them correlated to birthdays and dates of death for a few family members and ancestors that I descended from. But the address:

The house number is 126. Let’s separate those numbers: 1 – 2 – 6. The closing date of the sale of my old home was June 3rd. Look at the numbers: 1+2=3. 6= the 6th month … which is June. The house number correlated to the closing date.

I had asked for confirmation from Spirit – signs that this was what I was supposed to be doing. Boy did I get those signs or what?! But hmmmmm .. I am wondering. Could that divine sign also been giving me a clue as to just how long I would be living in this house? All three numbers add up to 9. Well, it has been, so far, almost 8 years that I have lived here (which is actually double the statistical norm for anyone to live in one place).  So maybe next year we will be able to move??? We shall see … and I will definitely post an update to this article if that proves to be true!

Now, this is where I have to stop and say: PLEASE always listen to your intuition – no matter how “out there” your feelings may be!!! The next step in this process was to put in an offer on the property. I wanted to make sure that I had extra money left over after my purchase, so I had to “haggle” and try to bring the sellers down in price. In doing so, something told me – and I kid you not – an actual offer amount. That amount was: $14,500. I put in the offer with the real estate agents. Two days later I received a call from them and this is what they said, word for word (I will never forget those words): “Well Lisa, in all my years that I have been a real estate agent I have to say that I have NEVER EVER seen this happen. How you came up with this bid amount of 14,5 I don’t know. But, your offer has been accepted by the seller. I have never seen this before where a buyer’s first offer – and such a low one at that – and on a FORECLOSURE – has been accepted. I also need to tell you that 14,5 was the absolute lowest amount that the sellers were going to accept. Good for you Lisa. Congratulations – you are moving to Iroquois Falls.”


Lisa Caza divine signsIroquois Falls … I had never been here before. Not ever. Yet, for some strange reason I was attracted to the town’s name and felt a sense of familiarity about it. Once again … I simply followed my intuition … and indeed the divine signs that were given to me. And I am so glad that I had because I tell you when I arrived here – all alone with my children – I couldn’t have moved to a better place. This community was so nurturing, loving and helpful for my first two years here. I was warmly welcomed by neighbours and was “taken care of.” Our first Christmas here many neighbours sent over boxes of food and supplies … we even had someone put our name in to have Santa come and visit the kids. My furnace broke down my second winter here – a neighbour came and fixed it free of charge. The list of charitable and loving donations and assistance I received goes on – and I will forever be thankful to my neighbours and their support and love that they showed us.

Fast forwarding to the spring of 2007 – I had been living in Iroquois Falls for almost three years. By this time I had purchased my quarter horse mare Apache (in September of 2006) and was boarding her with my now husband Yvon. Yvon had his accident with Apache in January of 2007. By the beginning of February Yvon and I started dating (which that in itself started rather spontaneously and without warning … at the time I wasn’t even actively looking for a relationship with anyone!).

Dating. Oh my good Lord. I was so scared at the time. I would frequently question myself: What in God’s name are you doing? Don’t you dare make another mistake! What if this guy is just simply using you? Don’t get your hopes up now. And what if he is just like your ex? You’re going to give up your control and freedom all over again? What’s wrong with you woman?!

But yet, I absolutely adored this man. He made me feel things that I had never felt before. You know those times when you first start dating someone – all the electricity that flies around? Your heart beats a mile a minute just thinking about them, you question what is to happen next, you can’t wait to see them again, and will actually do crazy things like “skip school” or take a day off work just to be with them (yes, I did that … I actually skipped school to head out to the farm to see Yvon!! Bad Lisa! I don’t even think he knows about that LOL!!). All of this was happening to me – and it made me feel so good. But yet, at the same time like I say I was so fearful and questioning. So once again I turned to Spirit – God – and asked to be shown specific divine signs that would tell me I was on the right path.

I got them all right …

One day while out at the farm, I cannot recall where Yvon was, but I was in the house cleaning up the kitchen for him when I just happened to glance over at a small table. On top of the table was a letter from a credit collection agency. I know what you’re thinking: so what?! Well, hold on and I will tell you.

At the time I too had a credit collection agency after my tail – for a credit card debt that was racked up when I was still married to my ex-husband. They were looking for a grand total of $3,500.

The letter that I saw on the table at the farmhouse, while it was addressed to Yvon, there were uncanny similarities. The name of the credit collection agency was the exact same. The amount that they were asking for was the exact same. And … it too was for a credit card debt … to the same credit card company! But the real kicker about this letter … it was dated August 31,1997!!!! WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH WAS A LETTER DATED 1997 LAYING RIGHT ON TOP OF THIS TABLE 10 YEARS AFTER IT WAS ORIGINALLY SENT TO HIM?! And to add even more to this – my dear grandfather passed away August 31st, 1997 … the exact same day as Princess Diana … and ahem … the exact same day that this letter to Yvon was addressed!!!

Because I asked God to give me a divine sign that’s why. To this day not even Yvon can explain why that letter was there.
To add to the letter, there were also signs given to me through name correlations between my family and Yvon’s:

  • Yvon his first name: I have an uncle named Yvon.
  • Yvon’s second name Joseph: My father’s middle name is Joseph.
  • Yvon’s mother’s middle name Sarah: My daughter’s name is Sarah.
  • Yvon’s sister’s name Louise: That is my middle name and my other daughter Danielle’s middle name. The name Louise has been in my family for many generations.
  • Yvon has a brother named Daniel. The name Daniel is the male version of the name Danielle.
  • And Yvon’s entire family is French-speaking. My biological father’s family is likewise so (but I wasn’t raised by my father).

Looks like I was on the right path huh?! Too many correlations to be that of “coincidence.” It was all MEANT TO BE.

If you are unsure of your path … especially if you are fearful of your path ahead … ASK for those wonderful (and quite beautiful) divine signs. If you ask … you will get them. And pay attention to them when you do get them! Look for those correlations and meanings (which by the way will come in many different forms and ways like I mentioned earlier – and they may not come through like mine. As mentioned they will come in a way that will be most significant and personal to you and you alone – and they will either be AFFIRMING messages like mine or conversely WARNING messages – it will depend on the specific – and be specific – questions and directions you ask spirit for). And definitely follow through with whatever the signs are trying to tell you because I tell you straight up – if you do follow through you will find that everything works out exactly the way it’s supposed to – and you will reach your goals.

And if you ever question whether something was meant to be or not in your past, once again look for the signs and correlations. Here is one final example of what I mean:

Soul Psychics - Lisa Caza - psychic readings - email psychics
Psychic Lisa Caza’s twin baby girls were true blessings from above. Babies’ image is copyright 1999 transposed onto background of hand.

The birth of my twin girls (pictured at left) was meant to be. They were true gifts from God and I felt that I was being given back exactly what I had lost. If you remember from my “Life Path Sequential Order” article I divulged that I had given birth to a little girl when I was 17 – at which time I was forced into adoption. What I didn’t mention was when my son was 3 years old I had a miscarriage … about 8 months before I conceived my twin girls. So essentially, I “lost” two children. I was extremely devastated by both experiences and they always weighed very heavily on my heart and spirit.

To confirm that my twin girls were true gifts and meant to be for me:

Their actual due date was August 31 – which was exactly one year to the very day that my late grandfather (and Princess Diana) passed away! However, because I was so big I didn’t carry to full term. I went into full labor on my own and the girls were born almost 2 weeks early. They were born August 14; very healthy and strong babies with no complications to speak of (there were 2 other twins born the same day delivered by the same doctor – my girls were the only ones NOT in incubators). There’s a few smaller correlations/signs but I think you get the picture at this point.

And no … I did not take any fertility drugs … and there was absolutely no history of having twins on either side of my family or their father’s.

Divine signs. They are there. All you need to do is ask … and look!

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Life Path Sequential Order

Life Path Sequential Order:

Is It All Just Coincidence? You Decide!

In the Story of How I Met My Life Partner & Soulmate

By Lisa Caza

* As an addition to this article, feel free to read “Divine Signs: Guiding and Affirming Messages From Spirit.” And the newest article: “Questioning the Concept of Free Will.” It too shows how everything is meant to happen along our life path. But if we ask for signs that we’re going the right way – we definitely receive them!

Everything happens for a reason. That I am sure of. Even the most horrible of experiences in life happen for a reason – but of course in those moments we’re definitely not willing to accept this concept.

But at the end of the day, once we get through it all (and we always do get through it), if we reflect over our pasts we can realize the amazing sequential and divine order that has occurred … and throughout our ENTIRE lives. Each and every situation and event – both positive and negative ones – whether created by ourselves or by someone else in our lives –  it all has divine purpose (which leads us to bigger and brighter things later on). Did you know that even your very own thoughts, decisions, actions and inaction they too all have divine reasoning – causing this eventual sequential order? That means that there are NEVER any mistakes in life. But in knowing this, it kind of challenges one’s beliefs when it comes to free will doesn’t it? I do still wonder just how much free will we do have – especially in having the profound insight that what we THINK is free will actually isn’t. Here now I am going to try and illustrate this concept to you – please bare with me but we DO get to a point eventually…

This is my story – well – a very brief outline really considering a lot of what I myself have had to go through it would most definitely fill an entire novel. I wish to share my story with you because like I mentioned a moment ago; when I reflect over it all I can see how my path has led me to the here and now. Every action I took, every decision I made, and even things that I experienced due to the actions of others … ALL OF IT led me to where I am today: divine reasoning leading to life path sequential order. Take out just one event or action … I often wonder where I would be. Obviously not here!

While my entire life path has most certainly contributed to where I am today – a lot of “crap” was experienced in childhood as well. But I will spare you the gruesomeness that was my life back then and just for the sake of this article, begin when I was a young teenager and my relationship with my ex-husband.

I was fifteen when I first met and started dating my now ex-husband. Such a young age! Of course at that age I refused to listen to any of my elders and would go out of my way to be with this man (of whom was/is 22 years my senior!!!). I was too wrapped up with the “coolness” that he was a hard core biker who hung around with other bikers – it was a party type of lifestyle almost every weekend. And I was drawn in … even though I never did drink or do drugs I was still entranced by all of it. Understandably my elders were very concerned – they even tried to stop me by reporting to police. But I wouldn’t listen and the police wouldn’t help either. So I continued on …. and in having knowledge within psychology today I do realize I was “looking for daddy” (as I didn’t know my biological father until I was 24 years old).

At the age of 17 I gave birth to my first-born baby (this is another story in itself but due to my age and lifestyle I was coerced into putting her up for adoption. We have reunited however – about 2 years ago now). After her birth I moved out of province with this man (who is her father of course) – moved away from all my family and away from all that I knew.

We remained together for approximately 14 years … with another 3 children having been born in that time (a boy when I turned 20 and then twin girls almost 5 years later). But those 14 years were not the happiest in my life. Sure, there were good times. However, quite frequently I was subjected to my then husband’s dominance; he was very controlling, domineering and abusive – while I don’t ever like to make excuses I have to admit that it was always the drugs and alcohol that would cause this psychotic type of behavior to rise up within him. Sober he was an “okay” guy. But drunk he was quite obnoxious, abusive and controlling – especially to any woman or love partner that he is currently involved in (I feel sorry for the women he may have been with since our separation if they’ve had to deal with even an ounce of what I had to …. to this day I live with physical reminders of the treatment I had endured – this is why I haven’t done too much public/in-person work. However as of late I’ve started opening myself to in person appearances and thus adopted the attitude of who are people to judge? But believe me if I ever get the money to afford it – which will indeed need to be quite the huge sum of cash, I won’t be hesitating to eliminate these painful final reminders just in order to give my self-esteem that final utmost boost!).

Leading up to the end of our marriage I grew increasingly resentful, angry and hateful towards him and my life. It was to the point where I hated him to even touch me. Believe me when I say that it is quite the awful feeling to have towards another person … especially when that person is your own husband. Now, to top it off I want you to take a few steps back for a moment and remember something: I was 15 when we first started out together. So just to add to it all, because I became involved with someone so early in my life – I literally missed out on the learning, growing, and experiencing that a normal teenager and girl in her early 20’s would normally experience. As a result I was yearning for more for myself; feeling that I have missed out on so much. So that added to my own negative attitude.

The nightmare finally ended in November of 2003 – where he went way too far and the police were called in. That was the beginning of the end and the start of a new beginning for me…

We sold our home and I moved to where I am now the following June. I moved a total of 8 hours away and straight north!!! Why??? Well, I will get to that … there were reasons that I wasn’t even aware of at the time …

Before I came to the strong realization about the concept of what I call “Life Path Sequential Order,” I would always question, “Why me?!” “Why did I go through all of that?” Why didn’t I listen to my elders all those years ago and just behave like a good girl? Why was I so defiant?” “Why did I move out of province with him? Why did I put up with that horrible abuse all those years? Why did I move so far away now? Why did I come to a community where I can’t even get work because I am not completely bilingual? Why did I buy such a money pit of a house? Why why why why?!?!?!”

Well today, I can tell you why … at least for most of it.

It wasn’t because I was being a little brat or “trash.” It all happened for a reason.

All of the abuse that I suffered – I now use that experience to draw upon when I am counseling other abused women and clients. I can relate to them in ways that even some counselors cannot. I understand their thinking processes and reasonings. I can also understand that trials and hurdles that they must overcome in being single mothers after they leave their relationships/marriages. I needed to experience the abuse so that I could have that understanding – so that I could better guide those in need. I wouldn’t have ANY of that valuable insight had I listened to my elders all those years ago and hadn’t moved with him, etc.

When it comes to moving a total of 8 hours away as a single mom with 3 young children in tow, originally my plans at that time, were I wanted to get as far away from him as physically possible … and … the price was right for the house where to this day although I still experience some financial difficulties, I do not have to pay any mortgage or rent. I own this house outright. However, unfortunately I was so wrapped up with the idea of remaining a homeowner and in the end saving myself a monthly expense, I literally did NOT see how much of disrepair this house was (and still is) actually in. It just keeps getting worse and worse. One day I swear it’s going to fall right on top of my head. Roof leaking in numerous areas, basement leaking, busted up windows … believe me I am not exaggerating. In fact I’m not even telling the full extent of the disrepair … and admittedly even with my understanding of this life path sequential order I am still kicking myself in the rear and not understanding why I bought this particular place. UGH! I guess it’s served its main purpose – but now with us NEEDING to get back on our horse rescue farm we’re becoming very discouraged & depressed.  I guess you could say I’m once again in one of those moments in life where I just can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope for my sake it comes soon …

Anyways I’m rambling. Let’s get back on track here!

As the years progressed, I was given even more reasons why I moved so far up this way …

Had I not moved here … I would not have met and subsequently married my intended life partner and soulmate!

Lisa Caza and her horse Apache
© 2006 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics. Lisa Caza and her mare Apache

In 2006 I purchased a mare and due to an argument that I had with the property owner’s boyfriend, I then required a new place to board her – and immediately! A friend of mine suggested “this guy” … well “this guy” came a mere hour after calling him with his horse trailer and we moved Apache to his farm. That was in September and we were becoming friends over the next few months.

But, in January 2007 my mare Apache spooked in the barn as he reached up to turn the light on … and she kicked him right square in the face; breaking his jaw in several placed and dislodging his left eye out of its socket. I caught word and raced to the hospital the following day … he was a mess. I remember holding his hand, crying and apologizing to no end. As I left I kissed him gently on the cheek good bye and I remained at the farm to tend to the rest of the horses for him.

Upon returning home after his surgeries he wasn’t able to do any lifting at all, so I would help with feeding the horses and household chores. Our relationship began to take on a new form … and we started dating not too long after (not long at all because I recall wanting to be with him for Valentine’s day!)!

Then, to add insult to injury … quite literally … we were forced to move from the farm and sell all the horses as the farm was sold out from underneath him (he was only renting at the time and he couldn’t find another farm). So that was yet another harsh experience to go through … and by August of that same year (2007) I found myself opening my doors of my home to him and he moved in. And we’ve been together ever since!!

We were married, on horseback in a cowboy style wedding, August 24, 2008.

EVERYTHING that I had gone through with my ex-husband, my moving here, Yvon’s accident with Apache … ALL of it happened for a reason. If none of that happened – we wouldn’t be where we are today. Quite literally. Think for a moment – had I not stayed with my ex-husband all those years to suffer the abuse, I wouldn’t have been inclined to move so far away from him upon separation. Had I not married my ex to begin with, would I have had the money to purchase this house here? Not likely. Then again, I would have had no reason to purchase it most likely.

Had I not remained with the ex, I wouldn’t have been blessed with my 4 wonderful children. In fact, consider I may not have had any children at all if things were different. If I had no children but still met Yvon those many years later, I wouldn’t have had any because a year after we married I was diagnosed with cancer and as a result I had to have a hysterectomy to remove it. I am extremely thankful that I was given the opportunity to have children … and long before I had to have that hysterectomy!

And I don’t think I need to mention that if I hadn’t moved here, I wouldn’t have purchased Apache and thus never met Yvon. His accident, while absolutely horrifying, it was the catalyst that brought us together as a couple – and even more so when he was forced to move from the farm. If he hadn’t moved in with me, I wonder if he would have proposed on Christmas Day like he had (which believe it or not was only a few months after he moved in!).

As mentioned earlier, I still question why this particular house … why I bought it even though it’s so old and direly needing very extensive repairs. But in seeing and knowing the divine sequential order that has taken place throughout my entire life, I am hopeful that this too is also for a reason or reasons that will most likely become apparent later on.

You can go back to the very beginning of your life when it comes to divine sequential order. For example I didn’t know my biological father until I was 24. If I had known him as a child, perhaps I would not have even gone with my ex-husband (consider his age and lifestyle. My father would NOT have approved and he would have stopped it!).

Lisa Caza wedding vows soulmates
© 2008 Lisa Caza Soul Psychics. Giving each other comfort within our tears. Loving hugs after saying wedding vows.

It’s so very hard to keep the perspective that everything happens for a reason … especially when we’re right in the midst of the chaos and events. But one thing to note is that we will never experience something that doesn’t have reasoning behind it – nor will God ever put us in a situation that we would not be able to handle.

Throughout those trying years I often cursed those situations. However, now I am extremely thankful for my entire life path. If it weren’t for those experiences and moments in time … who would I be? Where would I be? God only knows where I’d be.

I now don’t really wish that I could “turn back the clock” to do things differently. Quite frankly, I am extremely grateful for where I am, what I have, and who I am with. Who knows, without having traveled that rocky road I might have wound up in even worse situations … or never would have met my intended life partner.

I believe the old adage is true: “The rockiest of roads often lead to the most rewarding destinations in the end.”

Try to keep that in mind whenever you face a difficult situation or life event. While it may not be immediately apparent at the time, there is divine intent behind it… no matter whether it was your decision or the decision of another … and it WILL at SOME POINT lead you to something bigger and better later on down the road.

And by the way … had it not been for me even separating from my ex-husband those years ago, I would not have met anyone else in the online metaphysical field … I wouldn’t even have worked at  a very well-known psychic website, nor on my own website here! It was our separation that made me take action for myself and look for work. Only 2 weeks after my separating from my ex husband I landed my second and most significant online psychic job!

And here’s a last tidbit for you: the second year that I was living on my own here I decided to put myself through schooling in order to obtain a degree in social work and psychology. Well … little did I know there was divine reasoning and intent behind THAT decision too! Remember the “friend” that I mentioned earlier who suggested I contact “this guy” to board my mare Apache? Well, I met that “friend” in school!!! Had I not gone to school, I wouldn’t have met her at all – and once again I would not have met my husband Yvon! She was the one that ultimately introduced me to him.

Everything happens for a reason … and almost always for reasons that you don’t even know about or realize until later on!

By Lisa Caza

* As an addition to this article, feel free to read “Divine Signs: Guiding and Affirming Messages From Spirit.”  And the newest article: “Questioning the Concept of Free Will.” It too shows how everything is meant to happen along our life path. And … if we ask for signs that we’re going the right way – we definitely receive them!

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