Soul Psychics the First to Offer LIVE Path of the Soul Destiny Card Readings!

Real Path of the Soul Destiny Card Readings – Soul Psychics is the first psychic website to offer the real deal – no computerized applications or programs here!

Many people are familiar with the beautiful yet deeply resounding Facebook app created by Cheryl Lee Harnish Path of the Soul Destiny Reading Application.

Well, Soul Psychics is proud to announce that we now offer LIVE Path of the Soul Card Readings; all of which are lovingly performed by Lisa Caza in her usual way: all intuitive including the drawing of each card. After some research, we’ve learned that we are THE FIRST PSYCHIC SITE on the internet to offer these particular readings … at least in the sense that an actual clairvoyant reader will be performing them instead of an online application.

Path of the Soul Card Readings by Expert Psychic Reader Lisa CazaYou can request three different types of readings with the Path of the Soul Cards:
1. “Soul Path Inquiry”: For a much deeper understanding of lessons being learned both spiritually and earthly. This particular reading can be used for folks that require a general overview of their path.
2. “Near Future”: Shows what may be in store in the near future based on a person’s actions and influencing forces around them.
3. “3-Card Guidance”: This is a quick way to get answers for questions such as “What does Spirit want me to know?”

There will be a fourth option coming; Card for the day (which basically is based on the online application; just a 1-card drawing).

All readings will include images of each card (as a person may receive even further insight upon meditating on the cards themselves), as well as Lisa Caza’s usual clairvoyantly-received messages from Spirit and interpretations.

The first three of the four readings are already available for purchase on the main Soul Psychics’ website. However, please keep in mind that these particular readings are geared specifically for your own personal spiritual guidance and empowerment.

See a sample “Soul Path Inquiry Reading” by Lisa Caza using the Path of the Soul Destiny Fractal Art Cards.

See below a video about these VERY special cards and fractal art imagery created by the author of this deck. She explains how our Higher Selves and subconscious minds interact with fractals, what fractal art really is, etc.

Scientists call fractal art the thumbprint of God. Cheryl Lee Harnish

Get a Path of the Soul Destiny Card Email Psychic Reading

SPECIAL OFFER! BETWEEN APRIL 13 TO 17 ONLY: Path of the Soul Destiny Card for The Day. Only $5 per day!

In celebration of our implementation of the wonderful Path of the Soul Destiny Card Email Readings, we are now offering for a limited time only a Path of the Soul Destiny Card for the Day email reading. Become acquainted and more familiar with these beautiful fractal images and the divine guidance that they (and Lisa) accurately give! Intuitively drawn by Lisa, she relays on a specific message that Spirit wishes for you to know and realize for today (just like the online application; just more personable with a real psychic performing an actual card reading!)

Get a Path of the Soul Destiny Card for the Day Email Reading!

Path of the Soul Card Readings by Expert Psychic Reader Lisa Caza