2012: Is there truly an awareness out there?

Before I begin, I do have that questioning of just how many folks will indeed read this entire article all the way through …

There are countless discussions and just as many theories revolving around 2012 that it makes a person’s head spin. The truth of the matter is, no one really knows what shall occur in 2012. All the theories and discussions; they all can’t be right – but then again they can’t all be wrong either. So which one do we believe? Which one should we prepare for? How about this:. We should just plan that life as we know it will be changing. Life itself will never cease to exist here – Mother Earth herself just wouldn’t allow existence to simply end. However, HOW that existence will be played out will definitely be changed. That’s what we need to prepare for. Simple as that.

These times they are a changing … everyone sees this but how many are TRULY acknowledging? And I mean truly acknowledge. Try striking up a conversation with someone about their thoughts on 2012: a friend, relative, even a stranger walking down the street or in the grocery store while you wait in line. No one believes or wants to hear it. My dear (adoptive) parents and elders have both been trying to create more awareness about 2012 by posting article after article, Youtube video after Youtube video – yet no one seems to care or wish to even acknowledge their postings. Why? Can folks not see what is so plain right in front of them? It just seems that way too many people are just wanting to bury their heads in the sand (or walk around with their heads in the clouds … either way take your pick it means all the same when it comes to ignorance and complacency). It seems like they don’t want to confront at all. You can discuss certain events with people like the crazy weather for example, and they nod their heads eagerly in agreement. Yet, they aren’t getting it truly are they?

Well I tell you I listen. I pay attention. I have noticed the past few months so much devastation worldwide: earthquakes, tsumanis, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, erratic weather patterns (snow in South Africa in July versus province-wide tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings in Ontario), on and on the list goes – and that doesn’t even mention the wildlife that have been impacted as well (i.e. birds falling dead from the sky, fish, etc washing up dead ashore,). And that’s just the part Mother Earth herself has been playing.

So many people have passed to the higher side of life this year the numbers are simply astounding. Between January 1st to today; which is August 30th, I personally have known six people that have passed away. That’s a lot considering the amount of losses just one person would normally have to endure in one year. I am not the only one. I have many close friends in Ireland, England, and Australia that have experienced just as many losses this year – as well as of course across Canada and the US too. If I were to sit down and actually count the amount of lost loved ones that every single one of my connections have experienced, including my own, I imagine it would not be too insane to say that the numbers would total well over 100. I have taken personal (or psychic whichever you wish to choose) note that it seems like every person who I am aware of – they passed because they may not have been able to either physically or emotionally endure the changes upcoming. Every person I am aware of had either some form of emotional or physical ailment (cancer, heart attack, schizophrenia, deep depression/suicidal, or death due to alcoholism/drug abuse, etc). Yes yes of course countless people die each and every year from these very things – I may have been born at night but it certainly wasn’t last night. However, just for example in my own case: SIX people? All in one year? It is the amount of deaths experienced by each person I know that is alarming. It just isn’t the norm. Or at least it never used to be.

It’s as if we are currently in a preparatory stage right now; preparing for the changes coming. The changes have already started to occur actually – but as mentioned earlier it seems that many folks wish to just turn a blind eye and deaf ear on all of it. Here’s some more for you: do I need to even mention the market crashing so drastically, the riots in London, England, the fact that Canada is actually running out of water due to deteriorating snow/ice, or the four million people that have been left without hydro due to hurricane Irene’s wrath?

I feel that this is just the beginning … there is so much more yet to come. I want you to for just one moment set aside all of those theories and discussions that you may in fact have heard over the last little while and just consider for that one moment all that I have brought to the table today … all of the cold hard facts and events that we ALL can see with our own eyes. And still there is questioning? I have to say do not question – for things are NOT the way they used to be … and they never will be what they used to be ever again.

Despite the despair and disappointment of some folks, I usually do not tend to make predictions – mainly because they are just that: predictions that may or may not even occur – and I just don’t know when either. However, I have to say that for a few years now I have been saying over and over that I have had this overwhelming sense that we really need to pay closer attention to Mount Saint Helens here on Turtle Island. While over the years she has in fact been seen smoking, for the most part she has been lying dormant. You all know the talk about “the big one” that is expected to hit the western coast of the US? Well it is coming I fear, and likewise I fear that it will be then when that sleeping giantess of a volcano will awaken. Can you imagine the devastation that would result? Realize that Mount Saint Helens’ is so large that it can be seen quite clearly in Vancouver, British Columbia. I personally will go and check the stats on the official US geological survey website – checking the amount of earthquakes are in one day … then in a week. The numbers continue to gradually rise…

Hurricane Irene … the largest hurricane seen in quite some time – caused NEW YORK to issue mandatory evacuations … earthquakes experienced in places that don’t normally experience them (or at least not very often) … the major earthquake & tsunami in Japan … we can expect more of the same … a lot more … in the upcoming year. That’s my prediction. And watch those volcanoes because they too are going to be heard eventually.

I do not write this to instill fear in folks – I just wish for people to TRULY wake up and realize what is really going on around them – and to prepare. Mother Earth is just beginning her part in all of this, and so too is Creator with his divine planning. Now more than ever we need to come together. Our family members and friends who have passed on this year – their spirits perhaps knew what was to come and perhaps likewise knew they wouldn’t be able to “make it.” However, WE ARE STILL HERE. And we are definitely all here for a reason – and I furthermore find it no real coincidence that more and more people are turning to a more spiritual path these days – looking for guidance, answers, purpose, and their own inner truths. It’s all a part of the change we’re here to experience.

I could go on and on right now about the changes I have noticed, as well as my own personal “interpretation” of what may lay in waiting for us all come the end of 2012. But … I’m not writing to create yet another one of those theories that are circulating about. I’m just trying to help and to create awareness of the truth of what’s sitting right in front of us right now – in the present day.

It’s wonderful that many are turning to a more spiritual path, but in pursuing and walking on that spiritual path  … in being spiritual in itself – folks need to wake up, get their heads out of the sand or clouds there and start acknowledging. Yes, it can be scary. But realize fear is usually the direct result of not knowing … it is the fear of the unknown. Put this way; if we were to remain fearful of the unknown in many of our past experiences, where the heck would we be today? We certainly wouldn’t have gotten very far along our life path! There is no difference here. We need to set aside that fear of the unknown, prepare, and forge forward – and follow the paths that were intended for us to walk in this time.

Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics



2 thoughts on “2012: Is there truly an awareness out there?”

  1. Very well said … and I too have noticed so many passing recently and to be honest, I am feeling a little “WTF?” People seem to be dropping like flies – doesn’t matter what age, what race etc etc …. one day we are here – the next we could be gone…. in a matter of weeks there have been 6 people that have passed that I have known including one of my hubby’s cousins… it’s crazy and yes I agree it’s time people did waken up and smell the coffee so to speak and see what is going on in the world …. it’s so sad the fact of “Irene” and taking so many lives too and again I agree with you – maybe God took them as they wouldn’t be able to handle what’s going to happen in 2012…. my take on it is – yes there’s going to be a lot of changes (changes for the best I’m praying for) but I know also realisation is Mother Earth is suffering badly and people do turn a blind eye and walk on by and get on with their business…. why??? I don’t know – Ignorance? Or none believers?? Surely they are bound to be noticing the distruction that is going on in this world and it is world wide… there is no where that is getting away with it – I honestly don’t feel anyone can say 100% what is going to happen in 2012…. I put my hands up – I can’t say …. yes I know there is a lot going on in the world – and the devastation that so many people are enduring by losing loved ones which is sooooooooooo sad ;( Yet what can we do??? We can be there and we can help in anyway we can … but can we really help at the end of the day??? Nothing is going to stop what is coming to us and is already happening – nothing… and there is not a darn thing we can do about it …. I don’t mean to put fear in anyone with whomever reads this either and I pray I don’t – I’m just giving my thoughts on 2012 … I do feel a lot more people are waking up to spirituality than ever before and maybe that boils down to “Fear” – the thing that I hope and pray for is that as a Spiritual person myself – that we can all come together and walk our paths as one or if seperate paths – so be it… love & light xxxx Kaz ? ? ?

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