Singing at Grave Lake

Ghost Stories: Native Chanting and Singing At Grave Lake

Lisa Caza Grave Lake
Sign posted at Grave Lake entrance. © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

Here is a story – a very TRUE story – that happened to me and my husband Yvon just this past summer:

Yvon (my husband) and I frequently go to Grave Lake. Grave Lake is an ancient native burial grounds/cemetary, that surrounds the entire lake. There are literally hundreds of graves around the entire area – the majority of them to this day unmarked. There is only one marked grave, of which we believe was that of a great chief. Whenever we go there we can feel the wonderful peace, the spirituality, and indeed the many native spirits watching over us. The first time I went there I was very nervous (seeing as I am a very sensitive psychic I can feel a spirit’s presence much stronger than others – and I can also point out to what I feel are a few unmarked graves). Now though, I feel very accepted, respected and wanted. I feel very much at peace with the spirits and always feel welcome.

Anyways, we will go there to clean the area of fallen trees, dead trees/wood, and of course to pay our respects.

Now the story that I will never forget:

This past summer, my husband Yvon and I decided to take a few days away from the kids and all the every-day hustle and bustle. So we stayed up at our camp site and did a lot of fishing, hunting and all-around relaxing. On one particular evening we decided to pay a visit to Grave Lake (which is a 10 minute drive from our campsite) and cruise around with the canoe.

It was a beautiful summer evening – and for once no mosquitos, black flies or deer flies to bother us. We spent about 4 hours just cruising the lake with our canoe – listening to the loons swimming close by and watching the sun’s final shimmers of light disappear under the horizon. Before we knew it, it was almost 10pm – and it was by that time dark – so of course we decided to head on back to our campsite.

The serene Grave Lake  © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics
The serene Grave Lake © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

Just as we were to start the motor to move towards the shore, all of a sudden we BOTH heard singing. Native singing. Not just one person … but what seemed like HUNDREDS of PEOPLE – singing and chanting along the shores of the lake. My husband and I looked at each other – puzzled – but both aware that we were definitely not hearing things. We were hearing the same thing. We scanned the shorelines and up the small cliffs towards where we knew some of the graves were … looking for any signs of people like a fire, flashlights, car headlights … anything that would tell us that other people were there. But nothing. There were no lights. No fires. We were alone … except the chanting and singing was still going on. And it was getting louder and louder by the second. And it seemed as if we were literally surrounded – as the chanting/singing seemed to come from all different directions.

By this time I was so scared I wanted to literally jump out of the canoe and swim to shore! Of course now that I think back about that silly thought I start to giggle – why do that when the canoe can go so much faster, and I would stay dry? Ha! Ha!

In the middle of Grave  Lake is where we were located when we heard the songs.  © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics
In the middle of Grave Lake is where we were located when we heard the songs. © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

At any rate, I don’t think Yvon has EVER made that canoe move as fast as what he did then! We wanted to get out of there so badly that the front end of the canoe was literally up in the air as we traveled through the water. After what felt like an eternity – we finally reached the shore. As the canoe’s nose touched the sand, the chanting was still all around us – and as loud as an Ozzy Osbourne rock concert (or so it seemed to me at the time LOL!).

However, as soon as Yvon and I stepped out of the canoe and our feet touched dry land, all of a sudden the chanting stopped. Once again we looked at each other – by this time scared out of our wits and puzzled at the same time. We tried to ignore the sudden silence of the forest and somehow managed to calmly and sanely reload the canoe into the back of our truck. After calming our nerves, we then decided that we MUST investigate this. There HAD to be people at one of the graves because in both of our minds we believed that there was no way that BOTH of us could hear that singing and chanting and it not be real.

So we took the truck and slowly drove up the small narrow path that lead towards the cemetary. We parked, kept the truck running with the headlights on, grabbed a flashlight each, and started to walk the grounds. We looked for a good 30 minutes. There was absolutely no evidence that ANY person was there. No fires. No footprints. No tire tracks. No NOTHING. It had just been the two of us there all this time – no one had come around.

The ONLY marked grave out of 100's at Grave Lake. I believe it is that of a great chief.  © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics
The ONLY marked grave out of 100’s at Grave Lake. I believe it is that of a great chief. © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

So who had done all the chanting/singing? There is only ONE ROAD in and/or out of Grave Lake – and we had parked right in the middle of it. Realize that we have a 1-ton diesel dually – it takes up the entire width of this very narrow path. So even if someone DID come around, it would have been impossible for them to have passed us without us moving the truck for them.

At any rate both my husband and I came to the conclusion that it must have been the hundreds (really the actual number of buried souls there are unknown – but it is in the hundreds) of spirits that were singing for us. Well …. while I appreciate their loving gesture … thank you very much … I can tell you that to this very day I refuse to ever go to Grave Lake at night again!

This has not been the only occurrence of spiritual activity at Grave Lake – other local people have reported different experiences there during the night. One family in particular camped not too far from the area, and after about 2 weeks of having trees fall out of nowhere on their campsite, hearing “go away” in the middle of the night … well needless to say they took the spirits’ hints and finally left … and never went back!

Honestly this is a very spiritual place and very peaceful and calm during the day. But I highly recommend steering clear of the area during the night – because I tell you if the spirits don’t want you there they will definitely let you know!

3 of my children paying their respects - the same ONLY marked grave in the area  © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics
3 of my children paying their respects – the same ONLY marked grave in the area © 2009 Lisa Caza of Soul Psychics

I have attached a few pictures of Grave Lake for you all to see. Even viewing the pictures you can feel the spiritual energy and love throughout the place (I say love because I do feel welcome there because all I’ve had are positive experiences there – which is unlike many other people that have had negative experiences). I even recall one day while my husband was cutting down a tree – I was right in the way of where the tree was about to fall and I didn’t realize it. My husband swears to this day that the spirits were watching over and protecting me that day because for some unknown reason, in mid-fall, the tree somehow fell off to the right – he said it looked like it was caught in mid air and thrown in the other direction … in turn keeping me out of harms way!

As I say, regardless of the protection and welcome I refuse to go there at night LOL!. Enjoy the pictures – they are very special to me. Love always Lisa


A Question About Growing Psychic Abilities

A client recently wrote in with this very interesting question, and I felt the very strong urge to post this to all, as I believe that this would most definitely assist others who are trying to in fact learn and/or grow with their psychic abilities.

Hello, I am in search of learning more about me. I am empathic, and telepathic, I am currently working on meditation with chakras, mainly crystal bowls through group therapy.  I feel blocked at this time, although I am told I am exactly where I should be right now, but I feel compelled to want to know more, and move forward, and am rushing things a bit.  I know there is something I must learn first, but just don’t know what.  Thank you and I look forward to talking to your response.

Hi there Robin. Welcome to Soul Psychics! Thank you very much for posting this question.

I wish for you to reflect over your own message above hon. You say that you feel blocked at this time, but feel compelled to want to know more … and that you are rushing things a bit. Furthermore you feel that there is something you must learn first …

That right there is your block – and lesson Robin. Much like everything else in our lives, our abilities too come as they should – in their own due course and time. While so many of us are in fact eager to learn, spread our wings and fly, we must also practice patience with ourselves and our processes. We must try to allow everything to blossom and flourish on its own – and definitely not rush.

Many years ago a dear friend and colleague once told me that Divine doesn’t allow us to know everything all at once simply because it would overload us to the extreme. We just can’t know everything – we are always and quite constantly learning and growing (even though a lot of the times we feel like we aren’t). We tend to grow, especially when it comes to our abilities, in little spurts here and there. Things are “handed to us” when we are truly ready for them. Divine doesn’t give us anything that we cannot comfortably or feasibly handle – and this is definitely true when it comes to growing our abilities; because Divine wants us to truly succeed in our growth with them.

Consider for example how we all attended school when we were younger: passing one grade after another after another, with each prior grade preparing us for the next one. Our teachers taught us at a level that was appropriate for that particular grade level that we were at. Imagine being in grade 2 just starting to learn our multiplication and division tables, when all of a sudden our teacher throws at us grade 9 algebra! Talk about not knowing what to do, how to handle it or even what to think! We would be greatly stressed and overloaded – especially considering how many steps it does actually take us, as children, to get to the point of actually being able to understand and work with algebra formulations successfully. Even though as children we may be excited at the thought of learning “high school work,” that we would feel just like a “big kid,” in essence we would only be fooling ourselves – and to be honest I think that for me personally, after having a stab at the algebra I would be praying and wishing to go back to good ol grade 2 work LOL!

The same scenario that I outlined above is the exact same “process” that we must go through when it comes to learning and working with our psychic abilities – no matter what “subject” we could be “majoring in.” We must work at it one step at a time, at a steady but comfortable pace. Indeed we may become eager to “get older” and start working with “big kid topics,” but because we are only “little kids” we have to work our way up the ladder – “pass each grade” as we come to it.

Realize that our time here on the earthly plane is all about learning and growing … we are CONSTANTLY doing this, as I say even without us really realizing it a lot of the time. If we stopped learning and growing, we essentially wouldn’t need to be here. I have been a professional psychic reader for 18 years now, but I am still growing and learning today – reaching higher and higher points in my growth, in turn taking on stronger abilities and even further uncanny accuracy. You can never stop learning and growing, Robin – that I personally have learned time and time again with myself and my own abilities. What I find as really fun is that just when you think that you’ve reached the maximum “grade level,” all of a sudden BANG! You experience yet another surge or jump in your knowledge and abilities! Thinking about that statement, right now I came to the realization that perhaps THAT RIGHT THERE is an indication as to when we are TRULY ready to move forward once again – ready to “graduate” to the next “grade” or level!

Take your time with this Robin and enjoy the learning moments that you experience. You will get stronger and stronger as you go along. but you must first release this block of being impatient with yourself and your personal process – and gradually work your way up – as it is Divinely intended. That is your lesson Robin. Once you realize this, I think that you will quickly find yourself “unblocked” and moving right along quite nicely.

Hope this helps you some Robin 🙂
Much love and blessings,
Lisa Caza

© 2010 Lisa Caza, Soul Psychics